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Information and Support for U of M Holden NICU Families and Graduates


Kangaroo Care Request

Dear Holden Graduate Parents,
The Holden NICU has been working to increase the use of Kangaroo Care in the unit. As parents, your voice is very powerful! We would love your help with creating a NICU that is more supportive of families holding their babies in this very special way.

We would like to use photos of Kangaroo Care as a tool for parents and staff. Please consider sending us a picture of one of your first times Kangarooing, along with a one-line description of the experience.

We are planning to display these photos and sentences in the unit to help parents and staff understand the need for this practice. We know that Kangaroo Care can be a very intimate experience, so please only provide images and comments that you are comfortable sharing.

These photos and comments can be sent to

We also hope to expand this project to include videotaped interviews in the future so keep an eye out for updates.

Thank you so much for your consideration!
Laura Hurst, Holden Graduate Parent
Renee Sturos, Holden Graduate Parent
Jenni Black, Parent Host
Brenda Miller, Parent Coordinator