Mott Family Centered Care Committee Philosophy Statement

The Mott Family Centered Care Committee Philosophy Statement
This committee which was formed early this year includes a Holden NICU graduate
parent. The following Family Centered Care Philosophy Statement was one of the
first projects that the committee worked on and has recently completed after
many versions. This statement will be used throughout the Mott departments as a
guideline for evaluating our family centered care practices. More detailed
information will become available in November regarding this topic so check back
then for more information.


Family-Centered Care

  • Focuses on and adapts to the needs of the patient and family.
  • Recognizes the importance of the family unit.
  • Promotes the strengths of family relationships.
  • Respects the culture and diversity of families.


  • Are the experts for their children.
  • Provide support and important information

We are CENTERED on:

  • The knowledge, values, and beliefs of patients and families.
  • Involving patients and families in their health care.
  • Creating policies and programs with the input of patients and families.
  • Offering numerous support services to patient/families.

Our CARE is shown by:

  • Listening to patients and families.
  • Sharing complete information without bias.
  • Treating all people with dignity and respect